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Setting The Right Labor Price

Need Help Setting The Right Labor Price? Start By Understanding Your Labor Costs

Setting the right labor rates for your landscaping business can be daunting. Doing it correctly means weighing a number of factors, researching labor trends in the industry, and finding the right tools and resources to support the rate-setting process. Not only that, you must be willing to engage with this process over and over again as your business and industry trends change over time.

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landscape employee compensation

Should Landscape Business Owners Pay Top Dollar for Employees?

Industries across the country are being hit hard by the pandemic fallout and landscape businesses are included. Many owners are desperate for help – almost any help – to relieve the stress and risk that comes with too ...

5 Steps to Structure Your Landscape Business Organization for Growth

5 Steps to Structure Your Landscape Business Organization for Growth

All of the recent and current economic uncertainty has taken a toll on many businesses as well as the workforce. Lots of companies in the landscape industry are scrambling to find help and many end up looking in the ...


5 Ways that 2020 Taught Me to Show Up Better at Work

People typically don’t show up as their best selves when they’re feeling scared, threatened, or confused. Maintaining clarity about your personal and professional value is hard in that environment, so feeling ...


Artisan Brand Company - What makes you special?

Everything feels so weird right now – not simply new or different – but rather, like we’re floating up in the air with no sign of where we’ll land. The economy still feels unsettled and directionless. The coronavirus ...


What does Essential Mean for Landscape Companies?

As the coronavirus swept across the country and the globe, many individuals were, for the first time in their lives, being told they were “non-essential.” This, of course, was how government officials were determining ...


How to Navigate COVID-19 with Your Landscape Business

There is no question that coronavirus (COVID-19) is profoundly affecting society and the economy. As the disease runs its course, we continue to discover how it touches virtually every aspect, large and small, of our ...


Putting Your Knowledge on Paper: Why Are Landscape SOPs so Valuable?

All companies – landscaping businesses included – can run into problems when they don’t have a clear plan of action and a set of standards for any given task. If workers don’t know what to do and have no way of ...


Want to be a more successful landscape business? Start analyzing your failures!

Nobody likes to fail. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and even depressing. People instinctively try to avoid failure and when we fail, we don’t like to revisit those often painful experiences. Most of us prefer to simply ...

Landscape Season Taught Me to Be a Better Boss

How the 2019 Landscape Season Taught Me to Be a Better Boss

There is an interesting organizational dynamic that most companies, including landscaping businesses, experience: leadership perception. There is often a fundamental disconnect between how we, as bosses, think we lead ...


How to correct landscape business failure when you uncover the truth about your year

At the end of the year, most landscape business owners are totally worn out and ready to do nothing for a while. At least that defines me; certainly, the creative well feels a bit dry. For many in colder climes, there ...