Artisan Brand Company - What makes you special?

Everything feels so weird right now – not simply new or different – but rather, like we’re floating up in the air with no sign of where we’ll land. The economy still feels unsettled and directionless. The coronavirus news is fraught with uncertainty which keeps us in this creepy relationship with fear. And in Massachusetts, our phased opening, while most likely a good idea, is amping up our anxiety about our futures.

During the Great Recession, I remember feeling uneasy about my business future as well as my professional future. It didn’t come with health concerns, but I was worried about paying my mortgage and feeding my family!

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I watched as my business shrunk to half its size in one year’s time. It was terrifying. And, it opened my eyes. It was evidence that my business direction was not defined well enough to weather such an economic shift and that was not a good sign at all. I needed to make a change. But I had no idea what that change was at the time.

That’s when my journey started to remake my brand, but more importantly, to solidify my vision of what I stood for as a founder, owner and employer. I needed to lock down with certainty what I was offering in the marketplace. And I needed to clarify what made me and my company special. It took me several years, but I figured it out. I took classes, I hired coaches, I read books, and I visited other landscape companies around the country and somewhere along that journey, I found my purpose and then I built a brand around THAT!

A key take-away for me was there is a difference between a Consumer Brand Company (what I was striving for unknowingly) and an Artisan Brand Company (which in my heart I am better suited). For some reason, this information wasn’t out there for me to find easily. So, in partnership with the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals and one of our awesome tree service partners Harrison McPhee, I was given a platform to deliver this powerful brand differentiation message to our landscape business community for free.

Knowing the difference between a Consumer Brand and an Artisan Brand can give you the leg up you need to navigate this newly minted economy. #ArtisanBrand #Landscape #Business

And now, you can have access to watch it too!

In this 45-minute webinar, I explain the differences between a consumer brand business and an artisan brand business and how entrepreneurship intersects both business directions. I hope this information will encourage and support you to take the next steps with your business brand, so you navigate safely through this crazy time of our lives.

If your business feels heavy and directionless right now, maybe a branding direction discussion is in order. And, if you’re growing an Artisan Business and ready for support in developing your brand message, unique service offering, and business culture, reach out to me for a complimentary Coaching Discovery Session. It would be my honor to partner with you on your business evolution journey.

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