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Monique Allen engages audiences in inspirational explorations to assist them in accessing their innate potential as creators and innovators. Breaking the barriers of the status quo business mindset, she challenges owners, managers, and employees to think bigger and broader as fully realized human beings in order to elevate the experience of work.

As a self-made businesswoman, Monique holds a B.S. in Business Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University and a Graduate level Certificate of Landscape Design from the Harvard-Radcliffe Seminar Program. She’s a certified conservation commissioner and registered Woman Owned Business through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She served eight and a half years on the Franklin, MA conservation commission.

Monique is a past President and Beacon Award winner of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals. She’s worked for nearly 40 years in the landscape industry and been an employer for nearly 35 years.

As an active business coach and regenerative community builder, Monique has synthesized her decades of business and life experience together with the wisdom tradition of Yogic Philosophy to create her signature Lifescape Method for personal and professional development. Through a deep reverence and understanding of biological life and spiritual systems thinking, Monique taps into the transformational energies available to all of us. It is through accessing these energies that we can build lifestyle businesses, find deep personal satisfaction in work, and cultivate joy in our lives.

Monique lives in Franklin, MA with her husband at their two and half acre botanical retreat, MaraBenn. She is a yoga devotee and student of life.

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Business Speaking Opportunities

Associations -
Learn with your peers

Association events that bring together diverse speakers promote deeper understanding and innovative thinking. Done well, association lectures can be motivational and inspire people to open up to new ideas, uncover easy solutions, and reinforce what we know as best practices.

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Corporate -
Learn with your coworkers

One of the best ways to train a team to mission is to bring in the voices of aligned partners to share a broader view of small business operations and practices that can level up productivity and employee satisfaction.

Strong teams are the backbone of vibrant culture which in turn make companies resilient and ready to deliver on client promises with ease and joy. In this new age of work, these are the characteristics that will elevate and differentiate your brand.

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Collabs -
Learn through shared wisdom and experience

In this time of lightning speed change, working in collaboration with other professionals to deliver relevant training is essential. Knowing about estimating is great, but without the overlay of sales skills, you’ll miss the full picture. Speaker panels are an effective way to cover lots of ground all at once.

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Speaking Programs -
Learn with your team

As a seasoned business owner, coach, trainer, and published author, I bring a unique perspective to the small business arena because I’ve been in the trenches and am still running a multi-seven figure landscape company today.

With a BS in Entrepreneurship, I know what the books say, but as an owner, employer, and services provider for nearly 40 years, I know the reality of what it takes to make a business grow, last and provide you with the lifestyle you want.

Speaker programs are exception resource for business owners, managers, teams, and landscape professionals.

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